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Community: One Acre Fund's asset financing model offers solutions to the traditional disbursement and repayment regimes that rarely meet the needs of smallholder farmers.
Report: The MasterCard Foundation offers an analysis of the connection between rural agriculture and youth employment.
Spotlight: The Rural and Agricultural Finance Learning Lab features work by the Initiative for Smallholder Finance to provide access to foundational research to anyone working towards an expanded smallholder finance market.
Community: Mercy Corps Agri-Fin Mobile program presents a "bundled" technology option to help smallholders overcome common obstacles to mobile technology.
Media: A number of new technologies have emerged to help investors with data collection, which is an integral factor in assessing risk and understanding how to provide for smallholder agricultural markets.
Analysis: Direct-to-farmer finance is one channel of reaching smallholder farmers, but it can be challenging for banks not already serving those customer segments.
Community: AgDevCo co-founder, Chris Isaac, shares his insights on unlocking agriculture potential through blended finance.
Analysis: The ninth briefing note in a series from the Initiative for Smallholder Finance is a case study of a TechnoServe project aiming to increase incomes of smallholder coffee farmers in East Africa.
Centenary Bank building
Community: Lessons from the partnership between AgriFin and the Centenary Rural Development Bank: TA strengthened the bank's capacity to serve agricultural clients and helped develop innovative tools to reach and serve rural agricultural clients, leading to an increase in the number of agricultural clients and a rise in lending volumes.

Impact and risk metrics play an important role in

Analysis: The eighth briefing note in a series from the Initiative for Smallholder Finance discusses how agricultural technical assistance in the developing world maps to addressing various specific financing constraints for smallholder farmers.
Analysis: The seventh briefing note in a series from the Initiative for Smallholder Finance categorizes and characterizes the different kinds of agricultural technical assistance in operation in developing countries around the world.