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Community: One Acre Fund makes the case for the government playing a central role in spurring innovation and growth in agriculture.
Community: AGRA demonstrates that providing farmers with access to inputs and advisory services bolsters the market of quality seed and fertilizers.
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Analysis: The Learning Lab analyzes the applications from the first innovation competition of The MasterCard Foundation Fund for Rural Prosperity. The innovation landscape that emerges is promising.
News: The Learning Lab and Dalberg Research are excited to begin building a database of existing financial solutions for smallholder famers that will help use better understand the rural and agricultural landscape.
Analysis: Andre Proctor, Keystone Accountability's Programme Services Director, describes Keystone's Feedback Commons and how its pilot program has impacted banana farmers in Kenya.
Media: An interactive playbook from ISF discusses how innovation can help direct-to-farmer finance providers better serve farmers by addressing the challenges associated with direct-to-farmer lending.
Analysis: Opportunity International's 2013 impact assessment of its agricultural lending program offers revealing findings on its model for serving smallholders and client impact.
Community: A technical survey investigates factors inhibiting the absorption capacity of small and medium enterprises in Ghana.
Community: One Acre Fund's asset financing model offers solutions to the traditional disbursement and repayment regimes that rarely meet the needs of smallholder farmers.
Report: The MasterCard Foundation offers an analysis of the connection between rural agriculture and youth employment.
Spotlight: The Rural and Agricultural Finance Learning Lab features work by the Initiative for Smallholder Finance to provide access to foundational research to anyone working towards an expanded smallholder finance market.
Community: Mercy Corps Agri-Fin Mobile program presents a "bundled" technology option to help smallholders overcome common obstacles to mobile technology.