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Better together cover page
Media: On February 28 and March 1 the RAF Learning Lab team – in collaboration with Dalberg – hosted a webinar summarizing insights from our second Learning Brief, Better together: Last mile partnerships for smallholder finance.
Media: Listen to farmers share their perspective and experience with 15 different ICT4Ag solution providers in Kenya, Tanzania, and Ghana.
Media: The RAF Learning Lab shares its first public webinar on client impact.
How much is being done for the world's 450 million smallholder farmers?
Media: An infographic from the Initiative for Smallholder Finance presents the current status of technical assistance for smallholder farmers and explores what can be done to make it more effective.
Media: An interactive playbook from ISF discusses how innovation can help direct-to-farmer finance providers better serve farmers by addressing the challenges associated with direct-to-farmer lending.
Media: A number of new technologies have emerged to help investors with data collection, which is an integral factor in assessing risk and understanding how to provide for smallholder agricultural markets.