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We’re pleased to share the first of two final reports from the Rural...


To bridge the lending gaps between agricultural entrepreneurs and financiers, AGRA in partnership...


Agriculture is an important source of employment in Latin America and the Caribbean....

Report: In our new report with ISF Advisors, we define the landscape of agricultural Platforms, their risk and impact potential, and the path forward for supporting their growth.

In March 2020 we set out to assess how the COVID-19 pandemic would...

Report: This learning brief examines actual impacts of COVID-19 rural households in Kenya using real stories and data from the field. The data was collected during the first five months of the crisis, from mid-March to mid-August 2020.
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Report: This brief looks at how the COVID-19 crisis will impact rural, informal micro-enterprises that are at the heart of community financial liquidity; often finance household expenses, such as school fees and healthcare costs; and are disproportionately run by women.
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500 million households globally depend on agriculture for their livelihoods. Increasingly affected by...


Root Capital recently conducted four deep-dive evaluations with client agricultural businesses in the...

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Report: This new Briefing Note from ISF Advisors builds on previous analysis of the natural stages of agricultural finance, and interrogates more deeply the transition that countries make from government-led to more bank-led agricultural finance.
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Smallholder farmers are uniquely vulnerable to a wide range of disruptive shocks, from...

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Report: This brief looks at how the COVID-19 crisis will impact small and medium agricultural enterprises (agri-SMEs) in emerging markets that, in many value chains, are squeezed between a drastic decline in consumer demand and difficult operating conditions along the supply chain.