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The changes involved when a financial institution ‘goes digital’ touches all levels of the business and may even challenge the established business model or institutional identity. The successful implementation of a digital channel thus requires a sound...


International Finance Corporation (IFC) supports institutions seeking to develop digital financial services (DFS) for the expansion of financial inclusion and is engaged in multiple projects across a range of markets through its portfolio of investments and advisory...

Smallholder finance

In 2016, the Mastercard Foundation and IFC’s Partnership for Financial Inclusion Program jointly published the Digital financial services and risk management handbook for any type of financial institution offering or planning to offer digital financial services, such...

Alternative delivery channels
Report: In their latest study, The Mastercard Foundation shares emerging lessons learned using alternative delivery channels for financial inclusion.
Report: Cutting edge approaches to rural and agricultural finance rely on varying degrees of digitalization to reach more customers, and reduce costs and risks of serving smallholders. However, when the the product deployed is itself digital, there are new risks to manage. This handbook presents a risk management framework for DFS.