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Rural women writing in notebooks
Report: Key learnings from our Pathways to Prosperity gender deep dive.
Woman farmer sitting on bench smiling

“We may have a farm but often we do not have money for farming” says Susan Gakii, a farmer who grows sorghum, beans and maize in central Kenya. As with many of the 78 million smallholder farmers...

Ibero Uganda Coffee Bag
Analysis: Lessons learned from Ibero Uganda’s approach to financially including coffee farming families.
Pathways to Prosperity

Explore insights from our 2019 State of the Sector report with ISF Advisors

How has the rural and agricultural finance sector evolved over the past three years?

The last three years have seen a rapid acceleration in technology-driven...

News: The Mastercard Foundation Rural and Agricultural Finance Learning Lab is thrilled to take ownership of the Smallholder Finance Product Explorer, a project funded by the Mastercard Foundation & the Open Society Foundations, and implemented by One Acre Fund and MIX from 2016-2019. Integrating this dataset with the Lab’s current data platform will ensure users have easy access to a one-stop-shop for critical smallholder finance data.