Webinar materials: Using Psychometrics for smallholder credit scoring

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July 24, 2017

As part of a Learning Lab Webinar series to highlight and showcase the work of our partners, Entrepreneurial Finance Lab (EFL) and Juhudi Kilimo – a Mastercard Foundation Fund for Rural Prosperity Winner – share key insights on using psychometrics for smallholder credit scoring.

Amie Vaccaro, Camille O'Sullivan, and Julia Reichelstein from the EFL team first explain the basics of psychometric credit scoring and share learnings from real world experiences. Elvin Walela from Juhudi Kilimo then closes the webinar with a concrete case study of Juhudi's lessons learned from integrating the EFL approach in their smallholder financing model. 

This blog includes webinar materials such as the presentation, recording, and responses to any questions that the panelists were unable to answer due to limited time. 

1. Webinar recording | 49 min

EFL Juhudi webinar recording: Using psychometrics for smallholder credit scoring

2. Webinar presentation | 31 slides

3. EFL and Juhudi Kilimo responses to webinar questions 

In this document you will see that the EFL and Juhudi Kilimo team have responded to questions that were not answered during the July 20 EFL/Juhudi webinar in red font. If you have any remaining questions please email [email protected] who will connect you with the appropriate individual. 

EFL and Juhudi Kilimo responses to webinar questions

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