Webinar materials: Defining Agricultural Platforms in a Digital Era

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April 6, 2021

On March 25, 2021, ISF Advisors hosted two webinars to discuss the findings and recommendations in our new collaborative report "Agricultural 'Platforms' in a Digital Era."

This new report makes the case that Platforms have the potential to transform smallholder agriculture into a more inclusive, sustainable and commercially-viable endeavor, but there are significant potential negative risks to markets if platforms become too dominant in markets. Some of these risks are similar to those seen in the rise of platforms in other industries, while others are agriculture-specific. In the absence of a shared understanding around what constitutes a platform model, what type of platform works best in a given context and how platforms impact markets, it is likely that the potential of these models to positively transform smallholder agriculture will go unrealized.

Click here to download the full report, watch the webinar recordings, and read the research teams’ responses to audience questions — including those left unanswered during the live sessions.

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