Videos: AGRA FISFAP farmers' voices and smallholder financial inclusion documentary

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October 26, 2016

The AGRA financial inclusion team, in its partnership with The MasterCard Foundation, has been assessing the business models of fifteen ICT4Ag solution providers in Kenya, Tanzania, and Ghana.  The full report, executive summary, 15 case studies, and summary of the report's findings can be found here. Below is a short video and full documentary where farmers give their perspective on these solutions. 

Farmer voices | Short video   


Financial inclusion for smallholders | Full documentary  

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Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) facilitates FISFAP, an initiative that aims to reduce food insecurity and increase the incomes of about 700,000 smallholder farmers in Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana by February 2020 by working with financial institutions and agriculture value chain actors.

Press release: AGRA and The MasterCard Foundation partnership 

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