In this short focus note, RAF Learning Lab partner, Mercy Corps Agrifin Accelerate (AFA) Program, collaborated with the Mediae Company by providing a financial education mentor and developing a Web-based budgeting tool to accompany the reality TV show called Don’t Lose the Plot as part of a strategy to engage young people in farming as a business, leveraging digital tools and services. The show features four youths from Kenya and Tanzania, competing over a 9-month period to develop the most productive and sustainable farm on a 1-acre plot. The program aired over six months in 2017 in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda to more than 3.4 million viewers and was supported by a Web-based farm budgeting tool offered free of charge.

This focus note explores how the use of television and digital resources address key AFA learning questions regarding the use of digital distribution and farmer education channels, as well as understanding financial and value-added services valued by prospective youth farmers.