Putting farmers first: One Acre Fund's 2015 annual report

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April 12, 2016

The One Acre Fund 2015 Annual Report provides an overview of the organization's progress, forward-looking strategies, and new initiatives. Beginning with an opening letter from the Executive and Managing Directors, the report walks through One Acre's scaling progress and strategy, their impact for 2015, new country expansion opportunities, and stories from the farmers themselves. 

The report highlights One Acre's substantial growth in the 2015 year, this includes reaching more than 305,000 farmer families, achieving a USD 137 increase in farmer income, and meeting a 99% repayment rate across farmers. This was possible through their direct service model which provides smallholder farmers with access to financing, seed and fertilizer, training, and market facilitation. With this success, the One Acre team was able to expand their operations to three new countries. Uganda and Malawi where ongoing growth-stage pilots are taking place, and Zambia where a new pilot has been launched. 

The report, also shares their ongoing strategy for measuring impact. Including a longitudinal study which will monitor and evaluate the impact of their work on farmer quality of life. 

Finally, the report closes with a personal story from tomato farmer, Conrad Lukoye, who shares his experience with One Acre Fund. Prior to working with One Acre, Conrad could be defined as a subsitence farmer. However, with the help of One Acre's agronomic training, Conrad shares how he learned about different seed varieties and which types grew better in certain environments. As a result, Conrad explains the change in lifestyle that he and his family have experienced now that he has the training to better tend to his farm. 

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The OneAcre Fund seeks to expand access to financial services and training for smallholder farmers in Kenya, Rwanda, and Burundi, ultimately enabling 181,000 additional poor farm households to improve their farming techniques, and increase their profits on every planted acre.

One Acre fund will also encourage microfinance institutions to expand into rural areas, helping pioneer and augment the capacity of a new sector of microfinance.  And the partnership strengthens OneAcre's core MIS and M&E systems, enabling continued improvement to its program design and greater cost efficiency in its operations, as well as increasing bandwidth to capture the most accurate and compelling evidence of impact. 

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