Lessons from AgriFin project with Centenary Bank Uganda

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February 1, 2015

Partnership between AgriFin and the Centenary Rural Development Bank delivers TA for improved service of agricultural market.

The partnership had three main objectives: establishing an agricultural finance department at Centenary; strengthening the bank’s capacity to deliver services to rural clients; and developing the skills of staff in order to serve agricultural clients efficiently.

By conducting a strategic review that identified growth opportunities, and making crucial operational changes, the agricultural finance department strengthened Centenary Bank’s capacity to serve agricultural clients leading to an increase in the number of clients and a rise in lending volumes.

The project also resulted in the development of innovative tools to reach and serve rural agricultural clients, such as new loan products to finance agricultural activities at different stages along the value chain, satellite branches in rural areas, electronic and telephonic banking services, and a village mapping tool to direct expansion into areas with high growth potential.

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