KCB Group, a RAF Learning Partner, shares details on their current programming efforts as of 2016. Most specifically, the report highlights their USD 30 million partnership with The Mastercard Foundation, in which KCB has committed to offering financial services to 2 million smallholder farmers. 

[Download the full report] 

With 120 years of experience, KCB is one of the largest banks in East Africa, investing more than USD 1 billion (KShs. 100 Million) in socio-economic developments across the region. KCB has partnered with various different organizations to meet these socio-economic development goals in the areas of agriculture and innovations for farmers, enterprise development, and social welfare programs. 

As a Partner of the RAF Learning Lab, KCB will be working with The MasterCard Foundation to offer extension of Financial services to farmers via mobile phones via M-Kulima.