The sixteenth Brefing Note in ISF's series aims to assess the role of grant funding in smallholder finance and understand how it can be used to unlock financing for millions of smallholders. 

24 months after the release of Inflection Point we take stock of the global ecosystem and major players working in the field of smallholder finance. Our May 2017 Briefing, The Fund Manager’s Perspective,” established a framework for dedicated facilities and funds, but that is only one segment of a complex capital and philanthropic market. This briefing seeks to complement, and deepen, the perspectives put forth in Inflection Point and previous briefing notes by focusing on another aspect of the ecosystem: the use of grant funding by donors to accelerate the growth of an inclusive smallholder finance market.

Our goal is to bring clarity to this area—laying out the major agendas and organizations that are driving these crucial market development efforts. Having established the landscape of grant funders, we identify a number of ways to streamline and strengthen these efforts as the market continues to develop.

Briefing 16