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May 19, 2016

The Learning Lab is growing! Over the past half-year the Lab has added 5 new partners to our network, as the MasterCard Foundation's rural and agricultural finance portfolio has doubled in size.

We are excited to announce the addition of our latest partners: AFR, AgDevCo, ICCO Cooperation, Root Capital, and Kiva. These new partners cover a wide range of geographies (with a particular expansion into francophone West Africa) and types of interventions.  Firsts in the RAF portfolio include a social lender expanding its frontier of borrowers (Root Capital), an impact investor developing outgrower schemes (AgDevCo), and a nationwide financial sector deepening program with an agricultural emphasis (AFR).  ICCO's STARS program will support both producer organizations and MFIs to develop market-based ag finance solutions, and Kiva Labs will introduce new loan products tailored to rural client needs, including through new types of FSPs.

In collaboration with each of our partners, we look forward to digging into our learning agenda. The diverse range of organizations presents an opportunity to fuel innovative thinking, create new and unexpected relationships, and encourage a more collaborative industry throughout the value chain. 

This week in Nairobi - following the 30 May Africa launch of our state of the sector study, Inflection Point - the Lab held a workshop with all of our partners to share lessons learned, and lay the groundwork for future collaboration.  Going forward, we'll be working together to create and share knowledge about how best to provide more and better financial solutions for smallholders. will post research the Lab undertakes in cooperation with our partners as well as sharing studies and insights developed by the partners themselves.

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