Access to finance for SMEs in Ethiopia

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May 8, 2012

SCOPEinsight and The Cooperative Bank of Oromia (CBO) are partnering to improve access to financial services for SMEs in Ethiopia.  

In Ethiopia financial institutions fail to provide sufficient services to agricultural SMEs in large part due to poor market transparency and limited access to information about farmers. CBO has emerged as a private bank that raises resources from private and public institutions in order to support agricultural SMEs. In this partnership, SCOPEinsight will conduct assessments of the organizational performance of the agricultural cooperatives, rating their creditworthiness, professionalism, and sustainability. In this way CBO and SCOPEinsight will bring more transparency to the marketplace for agricultural finance and lower the risk to potential business partners.

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SCOPEinsight is an independent rating agency that assesses the business potential of farmer organizations in agriculture, dairy, forestry and aquaculture in developing countries. Their vision is to enable and empower agricultural farmer organizations to have access to formal and affordable credit, investments and other financial services and market opportunities. SCOPEinsight aims to bridge the information gap between financial institutions, value chain players and farmer organizations worldwide and increase market transparency by providing comprehensive and independent information to stakeholders in the agricultural industry.

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