01 Jul 2020
Learning Lab, ISF Advisors, The Feed the Future Initiative
Woman sewing with children watching

In this emergency briefing series, ISF Advisors and the RAF Learning Lab will look at how the COVID-19 crisis is likely to affect different types of rural households in emerging markets and what the cascading effects may be on markets, food security, and national security. This briefing series seeks to be pragmatic and elevate the real experiences of smallholders and service providers who are most affected by ripple effects in the economy. The series builds on the 2019 Pathways to Prosperity report and provides tangible recommendations to critical decision makers on how rural agricultural livelihoods can be supported. In this brief, we look at how the COVID-19 crisis will impact rural, informal micro-enterprises that are at the heart of community financial liquidity; often finance household expenses, such as school fees and healthcare costs; and are disproportionately run by women.


24 Jun 2020
Tech Blog

500 million households globally depend on agriculture for their livelihoods. Increasingly affected by shocks and extreme weather patterns, most do not have any insurance to protect their income. Using primary and secondary research, this report from GSMA AgriTech explores how mobile technology can drive the adoption of index insurance to develop smallholder farmer resilience. Their recommendations show how index insurance services can grow through bundling and partnership-based approaches. 

Read the GSMA AgriTech report, 'Agricultural insurance for smallholder farmers: Digital innovations for scale'

24 Jun 2020
Root Capital

Root Capital recently conducted four deep-dive evaluations with client agricultural businesses in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Indonesia, Kenya, and Peru. Through these studies, they sought to identify how affiliation with a Root Capital client influences farmer livelihoods. They also looked at whether female farmers have different access to critical services than men and how that might affect their participation in agricultural value chains. Click below to read a summary of the first of these studies, which focuses on cocoa cooperatives in Peru. 

Read the Latest Findings About Root Capital's Impact on Rural Livelihoods