10 Aug 2018
ICCO Cooperation

The Strengthening African Rural Smallholders (STARS) program, a five year initiative of ICCO Cooperation and in partnership with The Mastercard Foundation,  aims to transform the lives of 210,000 farmers, 50% of them are women, in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Senegal and will have an overall impact in the lives of over 1 million people.

To inform their work ICCO recently published a Credit Pilot Deep Dive (CPDD) which investigates differences in the uptake and impact of newly developed agricultural credit products on smallholder farmers in Burkina Faso Using a mixed quantitative and qualitative approach, based on household survey triangulated with focus group discussions (FSG), this study aims to provide the STARS program, and participating MFIs, an enhanced understanding of their client base.

More specifically, the Burkina Faso CPDD study provides a deeper understanding of the 50,500 (50% women) smallholder farmers, and their households, in the STARS Burkina Faso program. This CPDD study focuses on two main zones and credit products, namely sesame loans in the Banfora area and soy loans in the Pô area. The participating farmers have been categorized in groups, namely farmers who have applied for and...

26 Jul 2018
Kiva Labs

Closing the USD 150 billion smallholder finance is no easy feat – but it is possible. With 450 million smallholders worldwide, key stakeholders such as financial and digital service providers, will need to develop new solutions and scale existing ones to help close the gap.

While this directive may sound obvious, the reality is that innovation and scale come with inherent risks, often leading to failure for many bold entrepreneurs. To many, this narrative is daunting. But if we as a community believe that innovation will close the smallholder finance gap, we should be prepared for failure, and be willing to share our lessons learned with the broader sector.

20 Jul 2018

The Partnership for Finance in Digital Africa (FiDA) is an initiative led and hosted by Caribou Digital, as part of the Mastercard Foundation Financial Inclusion Program. In this rapidly changing digital world, FiDA collaborates with leading organizations and companies across the digital finance space to inform and produce research on financial inclusion.

To inform their work, FiDA recently published a case study called, “Launching into space: Using satellite imagery in financial services,” which offers insight into the method behind how Apollo Agriculture and Harvesting Inc. integrated earth observation technology into their business models and product offerings. This case study explores the feasibility of FinTechs engaging in data analytics techniques, such as interpreting data points captured by satellite imagery, to leverage smallholder farmers’ creditworthiness to financial service providers.

Download the full study below to learn more.