14 Dec 2020
ISF Advisors

Data is growing in importance across all sectors, including agriculture. With the advent of new digital technologies and innovative business models, the amount of available data and potential use cases are increasing. Agricultural and Fintech innovators that recognize this trend are utilizing data in new ways, from creating digital platforms to delivering new, data-enabled services. Many are also exploring data partnerships, combining the power of multiple datasets to create greater impact for smallholder farmers.

In a new case study, ISF Advisors examined 33 engagements between Mercy Corps’ AgriFin program and 14 partners across four different countries. We found that around a quarter of the portfolio of AgriFin engagements—spanning various use cases—featured a strong data-sharing component. Underpinning many of these engagements are complex negotiations about how data sharing can unlock service delivery and enable different social and commercial outcomes for different players.

By analyzing these 33 engagements, we have uncovered lessons about the common barriers faced by data-sharing arrangements. In distilling these lessons, we hope to provide practical guidance and tools for overcoming these barriers to the broader ecosystem of actors involved in optimizing data sharing for...

23 Nov 2020
Learning Lab

We developed the Dynamic Learning Playbook with Dalberg Design in 2019 to help organizations better understand their learning challenges and how to solve them. Now, we've created a new way to explore and contribute to the growing knowledge base around organizational learning.

Dynamicplaybook.raflearning.org invites individuals and organizations to engage with the resources from the Playbook in a format that's easy to absorb and even easier to share with colleagues and partners. Users can also submit their own resources to be added to the site, making it truly interactive.

Through elevating the Playbook from a PDF to a dynamic and collaborative platform, our goal is to activate a community of practice around organizational learning that will lead to greater social impact.

We invite you to explore, rate, and share the resources on this microsite, and even better – submit new tools to be added to the platform that will help other organizations improve their learning practices. 

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29 Sep 2020
ISF Advisors

How can governments create, incentivize, and regulate space for the private sector in agricultural finance? It’s not one-size-fits-all: Various countries have approached this challenge in different ways. By looking at different cases, we can uncover trends that might point governments in the right direction.