08 Mar 2021

With new technologies appearing every day, it can be difficult to ascertain which ones are right for your business. Businesses often go to implement these new tools only to find that they cannot be sustained in the long-term, either because they are too expensive (especially in the absence of technical assistance or grant funding), or because they are not scalable in the way businesses expect.

Many agribusinesses find themselves asking, "why is this so hard?" The answer might not be as complex as you think.

This AgDevCo webinar provides an overview of the agri-tech landscape, guidance on when and how to identify and implement technologies using a few simple rules and proven strategies, and insights on how technology can have a positive effect on businesses’ commercial viability and development impact.

Webinar Speakers:

  • Matt Capelli: Agri-tech specialist supporting businesses across the SDU and CASA TAF portfolios
  • Melanie Machingawuta: Team Lead for the CASA TAF
  • Alvaro Valverde: CASA Relationship Manager and CABI Private Sector Engagement...
03 Feb 2021
Learning Lab, Shell Foundation

In March 2020 we set out to assess how the COVID-19 pandemic would impact different types of rural households, and shared these projections over several months through our COVID-19 Emergency Briefing Series. By December 2020 we were able to bring those projections to bear with data and real stories from the field that painted a picture of the actual impacts of COVID-19 on rural households in Kenya.

Download our latest learning brief for the full insightsor keep reading for a summary of key learnings.

16 Dec 2020
Learning Lab, Shell Foundation

In April 2020, we launched a COVID-19 Emergency Briefing Series with ISF Advisors to anticipate the potential impacts of COVID-19 on different types of rural households, and the cascading effects that could follow on markets, food security, and national security. This new learning brief examines the actual impacts of COVID-19 on rural households in Kenya using real stories and data collected from the field from mid-March through August 2020.


As with the COVID-19 Emergency Briefing series, this learning brief builds on the Pathways to Prosperity report by applying a pathways lens to better understand how the crisis is impacting different types of rural households that are pursuing diverse livelihood strategies and have varying levels of resilience to cope with shocks.