07 Nov 2019

The Global Microscope assesses the enabling environment for financial inclusion across 5 categories and 55 countries — including Côte d’Ivoire (for the first time this year), Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Uganda. In this 2019 edition, the EIU examines how countries are promoting financial inclusion for both women and men, 11 new gender-focused indicators have been added to the framework.

Read and download the Global Microscope 2019 here.

05 Nov 2019
ICCO Cooperation

In Senegal, onion is the most consumed vegetable, but annual production does not cover domestic demand. The STARS program of ICCO Cooperation, funded by Mastercard Foundation, brings together private sector actors, financial service providers, input suppliers, and producer organizations to connect smallholders to formal markets. During the 2-day learning event ‘Cracking the Nut’, the STARS team Senegal explained how that looks in reality.

Click here to read ICCO's 4 lessons to boost the onion value chain.

10 Oct 2019

It has been nine years since M-KOPA was conceived and helped kick-start the wider pay-as-you-go (PAYG) solar market. Their intention was to build a profitable, sustainable and scalable company that would endure the ups and downs of economic cycles, while keeping impact an essential part of the proposition that they now bring to millions of people on a daily basis. Since then, M-KOPA has have built one of the world’s most advanced PAYG platforms, which provides low-income homes with affordable asset financing for connected solar technology and other products and services.

Read M-KOPA Solar's 2019 Impact Report for an in-depth look at their work.