24 May 2019

Data Analytics (DA) has the potential to unlock groundbreaking opportunities for investors and farmers in smallholder finance. Financial Service Providers, Digital Service Providers, and donors must work together to realize this potential. 

Watch our video below to learn more about the business case for data analytics.

Read the full Learning Brief: Big data could mean big opportunity to dig deeper.

13 May 2019

AGRA, MUCOBA Bank and SELF Microfinance Fund partnership has seen smallholder paddy farmers in 18 villages in Iringa Rural District, Tanzania receive digital disbursed agro loans totaling about $1M in three years effective 2018. Watch the full video here

24 Apr 2019
Learning Lab, ISF Advisors

The thirteenth blog in the Pulse series examines the opportunities and lessons learned of connecting financial services with technology solutions for smallholder farmers.