12 Apr 2021

To bridge the lending gaps between agricultural entrepreneurs and financiers, AGRA in partnership with the Center for Financial Inclusion (CFI) and SCOPEinsight have identified a standardized set of bankability metrics to help unlock over US$65 billion for Agricultural Small and Medium Enterprises (Agri-SMEs) in Africa.  

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08 Apr 2021
ISF Advisors

Agricultural small- and medium-sized enterprises (agri-SMEs) are critical to the development of more inclusive and sustainable food systems. These businesses are responsible for much of the sale of inputs, food production, collection and distribution, and processing and retail of food products. However, the absence of a widely shared definition and comprehensive taxonomy of agri-SMEs stymies our view of their role in food systems. With a shared framework and language, we could more comprehensively consider the role of different types of agri-SMEs in food systems, as well as the specific types of support that would unlock their growth potential.

SAFIN commissioned ISF Advisors to develop a framework for more comprehensively considering agri-SMEs, with the goal of creating a common language that:

  1. Fosters a shared understanding among actors concerned with agri-SMEs (including, but not limited to, financial service providers) about the shared features of different types of enterprises that fall under this label.
  2. Proposes a new taxonomy and language to establish agri-SME segments—drawing on existing case studies and literature to illustrate how these might apply in different markets.
  3. Provides a solid grounding for the assessment of different financial needs of agri-SMEs, which can inform SAFIN’s work, as well as that of other relevant actors in the agri-SME finance space. 

ISF Advisors...

08 Apr 2021
Learning Lab, Kiva Labs

In 2015, the microfinance organization, ECLOF Kenya, launched their "Climate Smart Agriculture" (CSA) loan product in Embu, Kenya, to provide financing and training to dairy farmers in the region. Following its traditional group lending model, ECLOF launched this CSA group loan model with positive results. While ECLOF successfully launched this product, they wanted to know how to increase demand and scale it to other regions in Kenya. ECLOF partnered with Kiva and the Mastercard Foundation to try something new. Instead of only disbursing loans to farming groups as ECLOF has always done, they decided to pilot individual liability loans for the first time.