03 Jun 2021
Learning Lab

The Rural & Agricultural Finance Learning Lab program has officially ended as of May 31, 2021, but the work to provide better financial solutions to smallholder farmers and rural clients must continue. Keep reading to learn about the future of the Lab's work and how you can stay engaged.

27 May 2021
Learning Lab, Shell Foundation
What's your impact?

We’re pleased to share the first of two final reports from the Rural & Agricultural Finance Learning Lab: Understanding Rural Pathway Transitions: Insights from Kenya.

The Rural Pathways Model introduced in our Pathways to Prosperity report was a first step forward in thinking more dynamically about rural households. While that model helped us visualize how households might transition within and across Pathways over time, these insights remained theoretical. 

This new report produced in partnership with the Shell Foundation takes us one step further by introducing the Pathways Transition Framework that allows us to understand and describe what Pathway transitions look like in practice, and translate these insights into action.

The report also presents original research with households in four Pathways in Kenya that seeks to map out what these transitions look like and understand why some households are able to make progress in their Pathway transitions, while others are left behind.

Through helping the sector build a common language and...

12 Apr 2021

Women in rural areas, and in particular female farmers, have significantly less access to financial services than their male counterparts. Digital Financial Services (DFS) have the potential to unlock financial services for women in agriculture, but are constrained by significant gender gaps in DFS access and usage. 

In 2018, the World Bank provided Technical Assistance (TA) to three Financial Service Providers (FSPs) – Digifarm in Kenya, myAgro in Tanzania, and Fenix in Uganda – to help them design and deliver digitally-enabled financial services to female farmers.

In this webinar, the three FSPs and their technical assistance providers shared insights on the customer research process, their challenges, and the results from these engagements.  

Click here to access the webinar recording and slides.