In the landmark industry report, Inflection Point: Unlocking growth in the era of farmer finance, the Initiative for Smallholder Finance (ISF) and Learning Lab sized the need for smallholder finance at over $200 billion in financing to grow their businesses and improve their livelihoods. Inflection Point suggests that while current efforts to expand financial inclusion are not sufficient to meet smallholder demand, concerted efforts around customer centricity, progressive partnerships, and smart subsidy have the potential to change the sector’s growth trajectory to best serve the world’s smallholder farmers. 

While the larger ecosystem includes agribusinesses, non-financial services, non-agricultural providers, and others – the smallholder ecosystem schematic below uses findings from Inflection Point to identify key members and inputs in the smallholder finance system. The ISF and Learning Lab have organized our research strategy around this ecosystem schematic as a way to demonstrate the holistic and collaborative approach necessary to properly understand the smallholder finance ecosystem.

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Smallholder Ecosystem Research Schematic

Smallholder Finance Market

Capital Providers

Flow of funds

Financial Service Providers

Flow of financial services

Smallholder Farmers

Support and Oversight
Support and Oversight