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FARMD Webinar: Gender and Agricultural Risk

18 May 2017

The World Bank Agriculture Global Practice has recently launched a Discussion Paper  focused on integrating the gender dimension into agricultural sector risk assessment (ASRA) practices. Join the FARMD community for a webinar to discuss the findings, recommendations, and lessons. 

Differences in social, cultural, geographic, and economic contexts at the country level call for a tailored approach that takes into account the unique combination of risks, cultural differences, institutional arrangements, and fiscal constraints present. The World Bank has gathered significant  experience and lessons learned from conducting ASRAs around the world for over ten years, and acknowledges that a gender based approach to agricultural risk management (ARM) will strengthen resilience of rural farming households facing exogenous agricultural shocks.  

Co-author Carlos Arce will be joined by discussants Åsa Giertz, Senior Agricultural Specialist, and Sanna-Liisa Taivalmaa, Senior Gender Specialist, from the World Bank.  Please RSVP and see more info below.