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Digital Finance Webinar by MFW4A-FMO-A&B

22 Nov 2017

Interoperability and Collaboration between Fintechs, Financial Institutions and Mobile Money Providers: The FinForward Program

Making Finance Work for Africa (MFW4A), FMO, and Above & Beyond are pleased to present a webinar on interoperability and collaboration between fintechs, financial institutions (FIs) and mobile money providers (MMPs).

FMO and Above & Beyond (a&b) recently launched FinForward, a Fintech innovation and integration program to accelerate the digitization of the financial sector in Africa. The program aims to create an interconnected ecosystem by connecting African FIs and MMPs with Fintechs from around the world. The ultimate goal is to drive responsible inclusive growth and increase financial inclusion in Africa by leveraging Fintech solutions.

The webinar will explore how FinForward is providing a safe, testing environment that promotes innovation in the financial industry while protecting consumer data, privacy and banking systems to ensure successful integrations. Participating FIs, MMPs and Fintech companies will be able to interact in a secure and controlled environment through 4wrd, a&b's proprietary platform. 4wrd's tech sandbox exposes participating FIs and MMPs to innovative digital solutions that can help them expand their service portfolio and enhance operational efficiencies in order to better serve a broader client base.

Furthermore, the program can serve as a case study for regulators to observe successful collaborations between FIs, MMPs and Fintech solutions globally, while providing better clarity and understanding of the opportunities and risks associated with these offerings.

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The webinar is part of MFW4A's broader effort to support well-functioning digital financial systems in Africa that provide the financially excluded and the underserved with high-quality and appropriate financial products and services.